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Here at Go-Kart-Source.com we offer you the most comprehensive go karting site out there to give rookies and legends alike everything they could need in a site just for them. It really is the ultimate racer's site!

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The site is built and maintained by a person who is currently in university and have been involved in racing for many years now. We are now sharing the information we have learned over the years to help you - the racer - out!

As avid go racing competitors, we found it essential that our knowledge and the knowledge of other great competitors be available online for everyone to utilize! Rookies can visit our guide section and read articles that can help them get started and improve.

Those of you who already own a kart and race competitively can discuss upcoming events and review parts and chassis that you’ve raced in the past! We feel that through this website our knowledge of racing will only improve, and we will be able to continue to bring you the latest articles that you will actually want to read and learn about. This is a never ending learning experience; we just wanted to help out a little by giving you Go-Kart-Source.Com!

Our karting guide is a great guide for rookies to read if they are interested in just getting started. There you will learn all about tires, chassis, engines and much, much more. Everything you need to get started is conveniently located at one source.

Visit our classified section for great deals on used farmes, parts and engines as well as our links page for suppliers near you! Visit our message boards to discuss new and used supplies, race schedules, upcoming events and more! Looking to buy a part or chassis but aren’t sure which brand to chose? Check out our review section and see what other racers think about it!

Our unique articles will offer you insight into things that every racer needs to know about. How to race the perfect line and take the perfect corner… how to look just as fast as you feel out on the track… how to plan for your race days, and the framework you’ll need to become known in the racing world!

Our links! We supply you with information on tracks and facilities all over North America. Whether it’s recreational tracks or competitive championship tracks you are looking into, we will have the information you need. We also supply you with the most up to date links for suppliers and stores in North America. No more running around the World Wide Web looking for what you need.


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