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Below will play go kart videos. We found these videos on YouTube. If you find an awesome video, send us a link and we'll add it! You can do this by using our contact feature. We would love to have a really awesome go kart clips and videos library here.

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Added to GKS: March 25th, 2008 Go Kart Fire

Comments: This is our very own home video that we took at Mosport Kart Club during the 2007 racing season. No one got hurt but his kart was toast!

Added to GKS: Jan. 3, 2008 3YZF R1 Go Kart

Comment: This video is pretty popular with 1 million + views but the torque from that go kart is just crazy! I just can't help but cry when I think about the $ it would cost for the go kart tires on that thing!

Added to GKS: Jan. 3, 2008 Go Kart Crashes Warning some bad language in the song played with the video!

Comment: Wow, some of these go kart crashes are just insane! I have bent an axel or two in my time, but this stuff is just silly.

Added to GKS: 01/03/08 go kart dominates ferrari in race

Comment: There have been some comments that this is fake... you be the judge. It's pretty cool to think that just maybe a go kart could do this?

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